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Payments without Credit Cards.

We accept payments via Western Union / Money Gram only. We do not accpet PayPal, AlertPay, MoneyBookers or Credit Cards.

Western Union, Money Gram  & Bitcoin  service.

The fast service of Western Union and Money is very convenient and secure! Simply enter your payment information and send them to us !. It's time saving, cost effective as well as 100% secure ... 

Click here  to find a  Western Union  Agent near you!
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At present, we only accept payment with "bitcoin".

You can buy it online with your credit / debit card.

Here are few companies offers this service

4: CoinCorner

As we know Bit coins rates fluctuate to much so we have to introduce our own conversion rate

there are some charges for this merchants service

BTC:  1HPA1u6NDaXRctEnGhrkvhJzZwmttVoQsJ

you can select your currency as btc

If you need more information about any payment service  contact us .

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Our company is aware that one of the most important criteria of shopping on the internet is security.

The credit card information requested on the payment page is never held by our company or the servers of the companies serving it in order to keep the safety of our valued customers at the highest level.